Big Sur California: Best Sightseeing Spots!

Do Not Miss These Sightseeing Points while in Big Sur California!

Rocky Point in Big Sur California offers great views

If you’re headed to Big Sur California, then you’re heading to one of the best sightseeing spots in all of California if not the US.

But there is just so much to see and you don’t want to rush your Big Sur experience to do it all.

That would be so against what Big Sur is all about.

Instead, let me share with you the best of the best sightseeing spots!

Big Sur Best Sightseeing Spots Listed Below:

Mcway Falls in Big Sur is a sight to behold!

McWay Falls:

Quite simply one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see in Big Sur California or anywhere else for that matter!

You’ll see an unbelievable waterfall rain down onto a private beach that is virtually untouched by people.

From the beach the downpour washes into one of the most beautiful aqua blue coves you’ll ever see.

Grey Whale’s have been known to seek safety for their calves during their migration North in this cove from Killer Whales who don’t like shallow waters. So keep your eyes open for water spouts! And wait until you see the view to the North!

Bixby Bridge is Big Sur's most famous bridge

Bixby Bridge:

Bixby Bridge is the grandest and most famous Big Sur bridge and for good reason.

You’ll get phenomenal views of the bridge along with the coastline and a gorgeous beach as pictured above. There is just something magical about seeing man’s innovations melding seamlessly into one of natures best work: Big Sur.

Believe it or not, you can actually walk out on this Big Sur Bridge to "viewing benches" But be very cautious, the shoulder walkway is very narrow, maybe one foot wide. Take your time and do this at your own risk. If you time it right you’ll be able to make it out to the viewing benches with a few or zero passing cars.

Big Sur California Hurricane Point offers gorgeous landscape views of the coastline

Hurricane Point:

The views from Hurricane Point are just stunning as you’ll see just how small the Bixby Bridge truly is when compared to a just a small part of the Big Sur coastline. Cars crossing the bridge truly look like ants from this spectacular sightseeing spot.

In contrast, the bridge is ginormous when you’re checking it out from the Bixby Vista Point.
Be sure to stop at both of these Vista Points back to back
for this unique experience! Have your windbreakers handy as this spot is called Hurricane Point for a reason, it is WINDY here!

The Very Best of Big Sur

Big Sur Driving Tips


China Cove Beach at Point Lobos in Big Sur is a magical place!  It is one of the best Big Sur Beaches!

China Cove Beach, on of the Best Big Sur Beaches!

China Cove Beach at Point Lobos State Reserve is hands down the most breathtaking beach and cove in Big Sur California that you have access to! That’s right, you can actually work on your tan and play in the surf at China Cove Beach. The only exception is during March and April when the beach is closed off due to the Seals pupping.

Be sure to check out Whalers Cove and the rest of Point Lobos State Reserve while in Big Sur California!

Beaches You Cannot Miss in Big Sur


Rocky Point delivers on gorgeous Big Sur Coastal Views

Rocky Point:

If you’re coming from the Monterey Carmel area, then Rocky Point in Big Sur California should be your first stop as it will be just 15 minutes from the Carmel Crossroads. Pull over to the shoulder of Highway 1 just after passing the Rocky Point Restaurant. You’ll get gorgeous and dramatic views of the coastline, Rocky Creek Bridge, the "Rock Arch" (rock with a hole), and grazing cows.

From Cambria, use the Rocky Point Restaurant as a landmark. You’ll want to park on the shoulder on the left side of Highway 1 just before the Rocky Point Restaurant.


Whaler's Cove at Point Lobos in Big Sur is breathtaking!

Whaler’s Cove:

Whaler’s Cove at Point Lobos State Reserve is just a remarkable place. The water here is often smooth as glass with a backdrop of trees and rock formations that will leave you speechless. On top of that, Point Lobos State Reserve is a hotspot for wildlife. You’ll see Harbor Seals, Sea Otters, Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Squirrels (who doesn’t love squirrels?), and so much more!


Sunsets in Big Sur are often Glorious like this one at McWay Falls

McWay Falls:

I’m sorry, but McWay Falls is such an amazing sightseeing spot that I had to list it again simply for the view to the North after you’ve seen McWay Falls itself. The view you get of the Big Sur coastline from here is amazing!


Big Sur California, Seal Pupping at Point Lobos State Reserve

Point Lobos State Reserve:

If you’re looking for the best place to see wildlife in Big Sur California, then do yourself a favor and spend at least half a day at the Point Lobos State Reserve. If you’re looking for the best Big Sur Beaches, don’t miss China Cove Beach mentioned above.

This place is thriving with all kinds of wildlife and it doesn’t take much effort to find it either!

You’ll see Sea Otters, Migrating Whales, Egrets, Crabs, Sea Lions, Great Blue Herons, and a whole lot more.

Wanna save $10? Get into the Point Lobos State Reserve for FREE!


This is the view you get of Big Sur from Nepenthe Restaurant.  Wowser!

Best Sight Seeing from a Big Sur Restaurant:

Nepenthe Big Sur Restaurant has to have one of the best views of the Big Sur coastline period. And their food will compliment the views quite nicely which is no easy feat. Their Ambrosia Burgers are quite famous and a must when you’re at Nepenthe.



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  1. Custom avatarEmanuel says

    Pfeiffer beach would make a great addition to this list.
    Beautiful beach, love the hints of purple in the sand, just got to be able to get over the intese winds.

    California 1 Big Sur, CA 93920


  2. Custom avatarSeizeTheDay-Monterey says

    Hi Emanuel,

    Thank you for the suggestion. You’re absolutely right! Pfeiffer Beach is my favorite Beach in all of Big Sur and possibly Northern California. Simply gorgeous. I’ll make an update per your suggestion soon! Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Many thanks.



  3. Custom avatardPreacher says

    Pfeiffer Beach! First time I went there they were filming Jonathan Livingston Seagull there. We wondered why the gulls were just sitting there in the sand, by the hundreds, and not moving until we approached until we realized they were wooden and staked to the ground. Director Hal Bartlett was sitting in his director’s chair as they filmed a live gull who ‘appeared’ to have crashed. Another time I went there there were thousands of monarch butterflies in the trees and bushes. But the wind there is very extreme. Bundle up, wear glasses, and don’t expect to lie on the beach. Still, it’s extremely beautiful and the trip down from the road is amazing itself. It’s just north of beautiful Nepenthe, but very hard to find the road unless you know exactly where it is. So provide directions.


    Custom avatar

    SeizeTheDay-Monterey Reply:


    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience at Pfeiffer Beach! It must be one of the most amazing beaches in all of Big Sur California if not the Monterey Bay, scenery wise. As you mentioned, it’s not a “work on your tan” beach, but so long as you know that going in, it is truly a magical place. Thanks again and I’ll be making an addition soon.



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