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This Spectacular Sunset at Carmel Beach is one way to Seize the Day in Monterey CA!

Welcome to, a labor of love done by yours truly. My name is Kevin and I’m going to be your personal Monterey Bay Guide.

We’ve lived in Monterey for over 25 years and have played tour guide and advisor to a number of friends and family over the years.

To my surprise, many of our friends and family cannot find good information on where to stay and what to do here in Monterey or even where to eat.

They complain that most sites just give them a giant list of Monterey Hotels and Restaurants that really doesn’t do them any good. Some websites were just sites that took advertising money from local businesses and passed off their ads as recommendations :-(I plan to change all of this!

The Purple Carpet in Pacific Grove in April and May is just breathtaking!  Do not miss it while visiting Monterey California!

So I set out to create a site about Monterey that would truly help those wanting to make the most of their Monterey Experience.

I aim to provide real information, just like you would get from a close friend who lives in the area.

Somebody who will show you the tourist hotspots and the hidden gems of the Monterey Bay that only locals know about.

I’ll also help you avoid “tourist traps” if that’s not your thing :-)

You need somebody who is personally vested in you having the best time possible because after all you are a guest in my Home 😉 and I want you to have a great time because I want you to visit again and again!

Fishermans Wharf in Monterey California is a must do!

Real Information such as:

Do Not Wait In Line at the Monterey Aquarium

This is a waste of time as the line can often wrap around the block. If you purchase your tickets online or phone them in you can pickup your tickets at the Will Call Window and avoid the line altogether!

If you get Monterey Bay Aquarium Discount Tickets through a Hotel Deal or get an Aquarium Membership, you’ll be able to use the Member’s Entrance which fast tracks you to the top displays while avoiding the crowds!

There are a number of ways to ensure that you have a great aquarium visit! Find out more ways to maximize your time in the Monterey Aquarium

Free Monterey Bay Aquarium Tickets can be scored!

See if you can Score Free Monterey Aquarium Tickets

Save Money on your Hotel when you're visiting the Monterey Aquarium

Save Money with the Best Free Stuff

You Don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy Monterey, matter of fact some of the Best Things in Monterey are FREE!

The Best Free Things in Monterey

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur California

Do Not Miss Big Sur

I cannot stress this enough. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the WORLD. Take at least half a day to see Big Sur, you will not be disappointed!

The Best of Big Sur California

Surrying is such a blast.  It truly is family bonding time while taking in Monterey!Have a Blast with Your Kids!

Family Trips to Monterey California are a blast! There’s so much fun to be had that it’s hard to know where to start!

Monterey California Kids Fun!

The Steaks and Seafood are just tremendous at the Charthouse.  They also have probably one of the best salad bars of any of the Monterey Restaurants!Getting Hungry?

Monterey is known for her food but the problem is that there are so many choices. Let me help you:

The Best Pizza in Monterey

A Killer Breakfast Before Doing the Monterey Aquarium

A Great Dinner and a Show

Tremendous Seafood, Steaks, and Views!

Walk the recreational trail after the Monterey Aquarium, it's just a block away!Get Up Close and Personal with Monterey

Walk the Recreational Trail from Fisherman’s Wharf to Cannery Row and even Pacifc Grove. Its an easy walk and the best way to take in Monterey!

Walk Monterey’s Recreational Trail

And of Course You have to do the Monterey Aquarium!

The Monterey Aquarium is one of the best Aquariums in the World for a reason!The Monterey Aquarium is World Famous and is considered to be one of the top ten aquatic aquariums in all of the world. If you haven’t been yet, you have to go.

The Monterey Aquarium Penguin Exhibit is a favorite among children!

If you’ve seen it, take another look, they’re constantly updating and revamping the Monterey Aquarium exhibits. You’ll be shocked at how much has changed if you haven’t been there in a while.

Some links below to help you with your Monterey Aquarium excursion:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Discount Tickets

Monterey Aquarium Tips

Purchasing Your Monterey Bay Aquarium Tickets

Monterey Aquarium FREE Parking

2 Days for the Price of 1 Aquarium Tickets!

Coupons for the Monterey Bay Aquairum

Great Restaurants Near the Monterey Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium Discount with Membership

You Cannot Miss Big Sur California!

Rocky Point in Big Sur California offers great views

Take some time out and visit Big Sur California. You won’t regret it and it’s just 15 minutes from Monterey. Coastal Highway 1 is regarded as one of the Top 10 Drives in the World. It is remarkably beautiful and is just awe inspiring.

If you’re pressed for time, you can do a Big Sur California Quick Trip in 2-3 hours. But I recommend going for at least half a day. There is so much to see and to do in Big Sur.

Big Sur California, Seal Pupping at Point Lobos State ReserveThe Very Best of Big Sur California

The Best Big Sur Sight Seeing Spots

Big Sur Lodging

Big Sur Beaches You Cannot Miss

Big Sur California Driving Tips

And No Trip to Monterey is Complete without Seeing the Sea Otters

The Sea Otter is one of the most popular animals in all of Big Sur!

If there was one animal that was the mascot of Monterey, it would absolutely be the Sea Otter.

These guys are a blast to watch, expecially in the wild. You can see these guys from a number of places but the hot spots include Fisherman’s Wharf, The Monterey Aquarium, The Recreational Trail, Point Lobos, and something I like to call The Sea Otter Secret Hangout!

Did I miss something? Are you a Monterey Fanatic? Then help me help others enjoy Monterey to the fullest! Did I Miss Something?

Help me help others enjoy Monterey to the fullest!

Send me a quick line about your favorite things to do here in Gorgeous Monterey! Pics and Vids fully welcome :)

Share your Monterey Tips

Or just leave a quick comment below!!!

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  1. Custom avatarJacquelyn says

    I am so glad you have this site! My husband and I met in the bay area (SJ) while I was going to college. We’ve since moved down to San Diego, and are soon to be en route with two small kids in tow up Highway 1 for a wedding. Your site was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Recommendations on where to stretch you legs, places to eat, things to not miss. I have always LOVED Monterey, and am excited to share Big Sur and Monterey with my girls, and my husband. Thank you for your awesome site. Now if only I could persuade the aquarium to have pity on us, and let us in for free. Oh, well, it’s a good cause, and we want to support communities we love. Thank You!


    Custom avatar

    SeizeTheDay-Monterey Reply:



    Hi Jacquelyn

    Thank you so much for the great feedback! It means a lot that my site has been able to help you enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth! It’s always nice to get such great feedback! Take care.



  2. Custom avatarLiese Ripley says

    Thanks, Kevin, for your inside info. Just what I’ve been looking for. One thing you could add: the free / cheap historical sites. There are several and they are marvelous. Another thing we’ve done in Monterey is visit gardens, many at the aforesaid historical sites. For gardeners, especially those interested in California natives and water-savers, Monterey is a trip!


    Custom avatar

    SeizeTheDay-Monterey Reply:


    Hi Liese,

    You are quite welcome! Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate it and plan on making a few additions per your comment. Thanks again!



  3. Custom avatar says

    Congratulations, what a great site do you have!

    What do you think is the best month to visit Big Sur?

    I am coming from Brazil and what to make a special family trip. I am in doubt between june and september.

    Best Regards,


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