Big Sur Camping

A Big Sur Camping Trip is the Best Way to get up Close and Personal with Big Sur Herself!

There's Nothing Like Big Sur Camping with Friends and Family!

Big Sur Camping is big time and for good reason.

Communing with nature in this part of the world is unrivaled.

You have the most beautiful coastline in the world to the West, and the gorgeous Lucia Mountains to the East. And this is in essence your campsite!!!

There are hikes galore through redwoods, along bluffs overlooking the tremendous Big Sur Coastline.

Through the Big Sur River and streams, and the unforgettable Big Sur Waterfalls that many of these trails take you to! There is just so much to enjoy while camping in Big Sur!

Big Sur Camping on the California Coastline is just bliss!

It is no wonder that Big Sur Camping is world popular. Many of the more popular campsites book up months and sometimes a full year in advance.

Many of these sites are booked by the same people year after year as Big Sur California is not a place, but a state of mind!

My advice, make your reservations VERY EARLY! Especially if you want one of the more Popular Big Sur Camping Spots such as Julia Pfeifer Burns State Park.

If you so happen to not make reservations early enough, don’t rule out Big Sur camping altogether quite yet. There are a few camping spots that are first come first served such as Andrew Molera State Park.

Big Sur camping amongst the Redwood Trees and near the Big Sur River is just heaven!

Big Sur Lodging Options

  • Camping while overlooking the Big Sur Coast is food for the soul!

    Tent Campsites:

    Pitch Your Own Tent! Believe or not, you should make reservations for tent campsites as well!

  • Tent Cabins are a convenient affordable way to do Big Sur Camping without all of the packing!

    Tent Cabins:

    A Luxury Permanent Tent Structure that usually has premade beds. Good for those who don’t want to fuss with hauling all of your own camping gear.

  • Big Sur Cabin nestled in the Redwoods!

    Big Sur Cabins:

    Typically Rustic Cabins Nestled among Redwoods, near the Big Sur River, or overlooking the Big Sur Coastline herself!

  • RV Sites:

    RVing in Big Sur is becoming more and more popular so of course there are a few Big Sur campsites that accommodate RVs.

  • Got Pets?

    You’ll be surprised to find out most places in Big Sur do not accomadate pets but some do. Check out Big Sur Lodging with Pets

  • Lucia Lodge in Big Sur offers one of the best ocean views.

    Big Sur Hotels:

    There are a number of very accommodating Big Sur Hotels and motels that are ideal for families. Some of them even have swimming pools!

  • There are Big Sur Resorts that are nothing short of downright luxurious!

    Big Sur Resorts:

    Want to stay in sheer and utter luxury while in Big Sur? You will not be disappointed with these Big Sur Lodging in Luxury options.


Big Sur Camping among Redwoods is Heaven!Now depending on the person, the above options aren’t necessarily camping.

But then again I think the point of Big Sur camping isn’t how or where you stay but rather that you enjoy Big Sur California!

So what is there to do while on your Big Sur camping trip?

The better question is "how much time do you have" because there is so much to experience in Big Sur. And take my words to heart when I say "Experience" as Big Sur is not a place you want to just check items off of a "to-do" list.

The old saying "Big Sur is not a Place but a State of Mind" is spot on. Take your time, take in the vistas and then take time to be a part of them, sounds cheesy I know but there is a difference. Don’t just take a picture of that gorgeous landscape, be a part of it:

    • Point Lobos State Reserve offers some of the best and easiest and most rewarding hikes for you and your family

      Hike the hikes that Big Sur California is known for!

      Be it the easy or challenging ones.

      Point Lobos State Reserve pictured left has a number of easy to moderate hikes that are perfect for the Family.


    • Pfeiffer Beach

      See the Sun’s rays shine through the Rock Arch at the most beautiful beach in all of Big Sur if not California, Pfeiffer Beach. Unfortunately there is no camping here.

      Big Sur Beaches You Cannot Miss

      While Camping in Big Sur be sure to check out Pfeiffer Beach, it is truly a Must Do!

    • See the Best Big Sur Sight Seeing Spots!
    • Point Lobos is a great place to check out while camping in Big Sur.  There is no camping there though.

      Point Lobos State Reserve

      See why Point Lobos inspired the classic novel "Treasure Island". There is no camping at the Point Lobos State Reserve though, but day Trips are more than recommended!

    • Witness Big Sur’s Magnificent Wildlife

      Such as sea otters, Monarch Butterflies, Migrating Whales, pupping seals, Great Blue Herons and so much more!

    • Don't Miss Horseback Riding Tours to the Beach in while on your Big Sur Camping Trip!Watch the Sunrise and/or Sunset from a Horseback Tour to the Beach!

    • Hike the easy two mile trail to Andrew Molera State Beach.

    • Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur California.

      Watch a Glorious Sunset!

      Best Places in Big Sur to watch the sun go down!

      Pfeiffer Beach pictured left is one of the best spots to take in a glorious Big Sur sunset.

    • Witness the Crown Jewel of Big Sur, the McWay Waterfall and come away mesmerized.

    • Collecting Sand Dollars at Sand Dollar Beach in Big Sur is a log of Fun.  Just go early to beat the gulls and other collectors!Collect Sand Dollars at Sand Dollar Beach. Be sure to do it early in the morning though!

      Big Sur Beaches You Cannot Miss!

    • Drive Highway 1:

      I know you’re camping, but the drive is one of the best in the world!

    • More Things You Simply Must Do in Big Sur California!

Some Big Sur Camping Tips:

  • Make your Reservations Early, even if it’s just a tent campsite! Places book up months and sometimes a full year in advance. Call around even if your Big Sur camping trip is just days away.
  • Poison Oak is Everywhere: Be sure you and everybody in your group knows how to identify Poison Oak. This stuff is everywhere in Big Sur. Rule to remember "Leaves of 3, Let it Be!"
  • Big Sur Gets Chilly: Even in the Summer months. This is coastal territory and the climate can be unpredictable, from sunny and warm to foggy and windy in just minutes. Temperatures at night can drop drastically so be prepared. Dressing in layers is a must.
  • Big Sur Camping with Pets: Most places in Big Sur California simply do not allow pets. That’s most places and not all. Check out Big Sur Lodging with Pets to find out which places are pet friendly.



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