Monterey Bay Aquarium Parking

The title above is misleading, there isn’t actually any dedicated Monterey Bay Aquarium Parking. Be prepared to spend a little bit of money on parking.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Parking Garage on Cannery Row is decently priced and conveniently located.

You’ve paid a grip of cash for your Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets only to find out there isn’t a dedicated aquarium parking lot.

Well, visiting Monterey isn’t cheap and now you have to pay for parking. Sorry, that’s just the way it goes sometimes, but there is hope!

If you have to pay for parking, the maybe you can make up for it by getting your
Monterey Bay Aquarium Tickets for FREE!

Forget metered parking on the street. You’ll have to keep feeding the meter as most of them have a 2 hour maximum time limit.

You don’t want to be worried about getting a $30 ticket while enjoying the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Paying for parking during peak tourist season is money well spent in my opinion. You’re on vacation and the last thing you want to do is hunt for parking. Most of it is metered parking anyways.

You also have to have change and run the risk of getting a $30 ticket if your time runs out. NOT FUN :(

See below for some Monterey Bay Aquarium Parking Options:

  • Monterey Aquarium Free ParkingScore free Monterey Bay Aquarium Parking by going to the Monterey Aquarium when it first opens.

    Less crowds which means more parking is available.

    It also means the FREE all day parking is up for grabs!

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Parking Garage in Cannery RowThe Cannery Row Parking Garage is a decent deal at $1.50 per half-hour

    It has covered parking and is conveniently located. This is your best bet for ease of use and the first hour is free!

    You simply cannot miss the signs off of Foam St. or Wave St. and they accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and cash. Most parking lots only accept cash which can be a hassle.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium ParkingGet 2 hours free parking at the American Tin Cannery Mall

    Just get validation from one of the shops in the mall.

    If you’re going to shop or eat breakfast at First Awakenings, then it’s worthwhile. Otherwise I’d park in the Cannery Row Parking Garage down the street.

    Be careful though, they change their rates depending on how busy it is. $4 for 1/2 an hour is a OUTRAGEOUS and it isn’t even covered. And they only take cash.

  • Check out my personal recommendation for parking, grabbing an excellent breakfast, and maximizing your Monterey Aquarium visit all in one shot!

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