Monterey Aquarium Personal Recommendation

Would you like cheap or even FREE parking, a great breakfast, and an enjoyable trip to the Monterey Aquarium?

Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey CA

You’re here to enjoy your Monterey Vacation so let’s minimize stress as much as possible.

Stress that goes along with where to park, what to eat, and when to go to the Monterey Aquarium.

I’ve got you covered.

Before spending money, see if you can get Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets for FREE!




Take My Personal Recommendation for a Great Monterey Day!

  1. Make plans to be at the aquarium right when it opens. Less crowds. Also, save time and money with Monterey Bay Aquarium Discount tickets.
  2. Park at the American Tin Cannery Parking lot just across from the Monterey Aquarium. Your first 2 hours are free with validation or get Free Parking just down the street!
  3. The Mushroom Caps at First Awakenings are Fantastic! Eat a great breakfast at First Awakenings inside the Tin Cannery Mall. Be there early as there is often a wait.
  4. Get your parking ticket validated at First Awakenings to get the free 2 hour parking.

  5. After breakfast, walk across the street to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Be there when it first opens to avoid the crowds so plan your breakfast 60-80 minutes prior to being at the aquarium.
    Monterey Aquarium Parking Note: The Tin Cannery Parking lot often changes it’s prices depending on how busy it is. $1-$2 for half an hour is reasonable, but I’ve seen it as high as $4 per half-hour. If this is the case, after breakfast, drive 2 minutes down to the Cannery Row Parking Garage for $1.50 per half hour parking. Ridiculous.
  6. For lunch, walk back to First Awakenings. Plan to have lunch before 2:00 on weekdays or 2:30 on weekends as this is when First Awakenings closes. Or check out one of these other
    recommended restaurants near the Monterey Aquarium.
  7. After lunch, walk back to the Monterey Aquarium, check out Cannery Row, or walk off some of that great food on the recreational trail and take in the magnificent views.
  8. After the Monterey Aquarium closes, take a walk down the Recreational Trail for some breathtaking views.

    The Recreational Trail just around the corner from the Monterey Aquarium is downright Amazing!  Especially during May when the Purple Carpet is in full bloom!

  9. Then drive down Ocean View Blvd to catch a gorgeous sunset.
  10. Eat dinner at the Old Fisherman’s Grotto on the Wharf. Be sure to get at least a cup if not a bowl of the best Clam Chowder in Monterey! Don’t forget your free appetizer coupon!

Did I miss something? Are you a Monterey Fanatic? Then help me help others enjoy Monterey to the fullest! Did I Miss Something?

Help me help others enjoy Monterey to the fullest!

Send me a quick line about your favorite things to do at the Monterey Aquarium! Pics and Vids fully welcome :)

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