Monterey Aquarium Recommended Restaurants

Would you like a meal to match the excellence of the Monterey Aquarium? You’re in for a treat!

Monterey Aquarium Recommended Restaurants

Great food makes everything else all the more better. An excellent meal will go a long ways to enhance your Monterey Aquarium visit.

Better yet see if you can get Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets for FREE! so you can spend that saved money on your meal!

There is no reason why you can’t break for a fantastic lunch while at the aquarium if you spread your visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium over two half-days instead of cramming it all into one visit.

You’ll be able to take your time, be more relaxed, and get to really take it all in on your Monterey vacation.

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Monterey Aquarium Recommended Restaurants


First Awakenings is just a block away from the Monterey Aquarium and they serve a fantastic Breakfast!

First Awakenings:

One of our favorite breakfast spots! And they have a great lunch menu as well. No views of the ocean though. My personal recommendation for a great Monterey Aquarium Day!

First Awakenings is just a 3 minute walk from the Monterey Aquarium. Our favorites include the Mushroom Caps and Teryaki Chicken Sandwhiches. They close at 2:00 M-F, 2:30 on Sat and Sun.

The Fish Hopper is a mere 5 minute stroll down Cannery Row and they have great Seafood!The Fish Hopper:

A fantastic place to get some great Sea Food. The view of the Monterey Bay is superb!

The Fish Hopper is a pleasant 5 minute walk down Cannery Row. Don’t forget your coupon for a free appetizer!


The Monterey Aquarium Restaurant is actually pretty decent.  Maximize your time by going there.

Monterey Aquarium Portola Restaurant

Suprisingly the restaurant in the aquarium is actually quite decent and great views of the Bay from the sit down restaurant.

If you want to maximize your time at the aquarium then the Portola Restaurant is a decent choice. The Cafe offers a quick cafeteria style meal.


Schooner's Bistro is a local Favorite.  Take a nice 10 minute walk down Cannery Row to the Monterey Plaza Hotel where it's located. Schooners Bistro:

A favorite of the locals here in Monterey. The walk is a little further from the Monterey Aquarium than the other options but it makes up for it with excellent food and a view to match.

Schooners Bistro is located in the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa. The walk from the Monterey Aquarium is about 10 minutes.

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